In-person to online.

What does hosting an online, interactive, virtual event look like?

Your event - re-imagined

For years you have held your event or gala in a beautiful centre or hotel conference room. You have booked your speakers and flown them in, paid for their rooms and meals. You have secured audio visual, food and beverage, alcohol and more to create an amazing event for your brand and your attendees.

But what now? What does this mean for the non-profit groups that rely on their in-person events for funding? It means some changes. It may sound scary to say, "live virtual event". But it is where the World is right now. We at Bang Up Productions have years of in-person events in our pockets. We also have years of live virtual experience. Let us handle the live broadcasting, video editing, channel switching, graphic design, and more.

What does an in-person event look like?
Here is an example for YXE Non-Profit's in-person event, in 2019:
YXE Non-Profit holds a gala event each year to raise funds for their cause. This event takes 6 to 8 months to plan, secure funding, speaker travel, food, beverage, A/V, and venue rental. They have a silent auction, an array of speakers and a keynote speaker. It attracts 300 people in ticket sales. The event is usually 4 hours long (this includes time for meal).

What does the live virtual event look like?
Here is an example for YXE Non-Profit's live virtual event, in 2020:
YXE Non-Profit has reimagined their gala to an online event. They want to create an interactive, live, event that now can reach more than 300 people. They can broadcast live to all of their social channels and generate more content leading up to the event. Their speakers are now connected virtually from the safety of their own homes while the event host is comfortable in theirs. They raise funds by live auctions, online bidding, online donations, and prize giveaways. They now have the freedom to do more than a venue can allow and the potential of spreading their brand is huge. Not just local but international reach is now in their view.

What does Bang Up Productions provide?
We handle your live broadcast so that you only have to host your event from your computer, phone or tablet. Anywhere you have an internet connection and access to a camera that can be viewed online, simultaneously. 

From start to finish, we handle the broadcast timeline at our switchboard. No different than what late night talk shows are doing and live news broadcasts. We can design graphics, edit pre-recorded video to add to your live broadcast, add titles and names to live speakers, and more. We can design a new website to handle donations, live auctions, or anything you can think of.

Are you interested in how your event may translate into a virtual experience? Contact us today for no obligation chat.